Welcome to part 2 of the series and my 100th blog :)

After completing my blogging site in part-1, it’s time to buy and domain name and add the details in netlify.

For adding a custom domain, i generally follow steps from this awesome Brad Traversy video.

The first thing to do is to buy a domain name and we will use the most popular service — namecheap

Once you login to your account, you will see this below screen.


I had searched for my name and added two domains to my cart.

Buying domainsBuying domains

Then we click on View Cart, which will show the next screen.

Finally buyingFinally buying

Once you click on Confirm Order, you will be taken to the next screen where you confirm your Payment options.

Card optionsCard options

Once you click on Continue, you will be taken to below screen where you have to pay.

Pay itPay it

Once you clicked on Pay Now in above screen, the purchase will be completed.

Finally doneFinally done

After this we click on the Manage button and it will take us to our dashboard. But strangely enough it asking me to Verify Contacts. For this i clicked a link in the mail which they sent me. Hopefully it will be solved by tomorrow.

The errorThe error

The error was resolved in a hour and i got the Manage button.

Manage buttonManage button

Next, open netlify and login to your account. You will be having the blog site we created in part-1 there.

My blogMy blog

In the next screen on Setup a custom domain.

Custom domainCustom domain

In the next screen i will give the domain name(nabendu.blog), which i purchased from namecheap. And then click on Verify button.


Next, it will ask whether i am the owner and we can click on Yes, add domain button.


Now, it’s time to go back to namecheap.com and click on Manage button in nabendu.blog in the dashboard.

Manage buttonManage button

It will open the below screen. Here click on Advanced DNS tab.

The Advanced DNSThe Advanced DNS

We can use Netlify DNS to configure the DNS, but we will be using our service provider(namecheap) to do so. You can go through this article for more details.

So, click on ADD NEW RECORD button.

Add newAdd new

According to Netlify docs, we need to add an A record and add their load balancer IP address

Add the record and then click on the small green tick mark.

A RecordA Record

Next, we will add a CNAME record. Since, i already had one i edited it. The Value should be equal to the random domain name, which netlify had given us.


Also, let’s get rid of the URL Redirect Record by clicking on the delete button in it’s row. So, now our Advanced DNS page looks like below.

Final Advanced DNSFinal Advanced DNS

Now, go to your netlify account and refresh the webpage. You will see like below if everything is ok.

Everything okEverything ok

Now, one of a very good feature of Netlify is to provide free secure htttps site. But it generally takes time. If you scroll down on the same page, it will show that it is Waiting for DNS propagation.


It can take up-to a day for DNS propagation. But we can view the http version of our site, with the Not Secure warning by the browser.

Not Secure siteNot Secure site

Netlify also provide great Contact form, which was given to us by Stackbit. We can check whether it is working by heading to it.

Submitting a formSubmitting a form

If it is successful, we will get the below screen.


Now, head over to Overview in netlify and scroll down. You can see the newly sent message.

Contact form messageContact form message

I checked my https and it’s got activated in less then 30 mins.

https sitehttps site

Now, if we head over to https://nabendu.blog/ we won’t get any error.

Finally httpsFinally https

Finally by blog site is live.

Now, this blog i getting long so ending it here. Still some work is remaining but all of it is backend work, which will help me with SEO, analytics, canonical links.

You can find final part here

This post is also available on DEV.