Welcome to part-4 of the series.

As told in the earlier post, this series is based on the learning from this awesome udemy course by John Smilga

We will use styled-components in this post to style our project. So, we will install the plugin gatsby-plugin-styled-components in our project.

As per the official document we need to npm install these packages first.

    npm install --save gatsby-plugin-styled-components styled-components babel-plugin-styled-components

So, head over to your project root directory and stop the gatsby develop and run the above npm install.

Then head over to gatsby-config.js file in the root directory and add this plugin as below.

Gatsby ConfigGatsby Config

Next, head over to your terminal and run the gatsby develop again.

gatsby developgatsby develop

Next, we will create the About Hampi section in the Home page. For this first add the about.module.css file in the css folder. You can get the content for the same from my github link.

About cssAbout css

Next, we will create the About section inside the components folder. We will create another folder Home inside it and About.js file inside it.

About componentAbout component

We will have a general purpose Title component inside About, in which we are using styled-components. We are styling the two words differently, which we had passed as props from the About component.


Next, let’s show the About component in index.js


It will show the About component, which contains the Title component in our home page.

Title onlyTitle only

Next, we will complete our About component in which we will show an image, a subtitle and two paragraphs and a button. Update the About.js as below

    import React from "react"
    import Title from "../Title"
    import styles from "../../css/about.module.css"
    import img from "../../images/defaultBcg.jpeg"

    const About = () => {
      return (
        <section className={styles.about}>
          <Title title="about" subtitle="hampi" />
          <div className={styles.aboutCenter}>
            <article className={styles.aboutImg}>
              <div className={styles.imgContainer}>
                <img src={img} alt="about company" />
            <article className={styles.aboutInfo}>
              <h4>The abode of bygone ruins</h4>
              Hampi, the city of ruins, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
              Situated in the shadowed depth of hills and valleys 
              in the  state of Karnataka,
              this place is a historical delight for travellers.
              Surrounded by 500 ancient monuments, 
              beautiful temples, bustling street markets,
              bastions, treasury building and captivating 
              remains of Vijayanagar Empire,
              Hampi is a backpacker's delight.
              <a className="btn-primary" target="_blank" 
                 rel="noopener noreferrer"
                 href="[](" >
                read more

    export default About

It will show our beautiful About Hampi section.

About HampiAbout Hampi

Next, we will create the Hot Tips section in the Home Page. For this first add the tips.module.css file in the css folder. The content is below.

Tips cssTips css

Then add tips.js inside the constants folder and the below content.


Now, we will add a Tips.js file inside components->Home folder. As, you can see we are reusing the Title component here. Also, we are mapping through the tips constant to display all it’s items.


Next, let’s show the Tips component in index.js


This will show our Hot Tips section in our Home Page.

Hot TipsHot Tips

This completes part-4 of the series. You can find the code for the same in this link.

This post is also available on DEV.