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As most of my readers know, i had invested heavily in GatsbyJS and writing blog in it for the past 1 year. I also created 3 of my personal sites in Gatsby with 1 more to come soon.

The book will launch on all major platform like leanpub, amazon, iBooks in July 2020.

The book is currently 80% complete and available on leanpub to purchase at this url. So, please show your support and purchase the book or tell it to someone who is interested in developing blazing fast production websites in GatsbyJS.


Although 60% of the book is available on my blog, but 40% is exclusive content. The content of the book is below.

  • Chapter 1 — Agency Site

  • Chapter 2 — Blog Site with Stackbit

  • Chapter 3 — Tourism Site with Contentful

  • Chapter 4 — Video Chat Site

  • Chapter 5 — Blog Site using mdx

  • Chapter 6 — Ecommerce site with snipcart

  • Chapter 7 — Recipe site with firebase

All the sites in the book are created with the awesome static site generator GatsbyJS. The details on creating the sites are explained in plain English and in a very simple way, although a bit of knowledge of ReactJS and GraphQL will help.

I am also announcing my new blog site This site contains 50% of my blogs and will soon have all of my blogs. You can find all of my blogs at my current site

New SiteNew Site

Please do subscribe in it to get more details on my new book. See you all soon with more updates.

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